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Packaging Sourcing

We have supplier relationships in place to help source almost any packaging need that arises. Whether it's stock options, custom solutions, glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, bottles, jars, cans, boxes, on-shelf product packaging, DTC shipping boxes, conventional, sustainable or hybrid materials, we're here to help.

Our Sourcing Process:

Intake Call with Client

Generate Project Brief

Creation of Supplier Database

Supplier Outreach

Review Pricing & Terms

Sample Procurement

Assessment of Suppliers

Reasons you may conduct a packaging search:

// Your current supplier is no longer able to consistently guarantee supply. // Your current supplier has increased prices that are not in line with your margin targets. // You want to create a stronger supply chain by identifying backup suppliers. // You are developing a new product line and need to identify new packaging suppliers. // You want to develop a new Point-of-Purchase (POP) display. // You want to source custom branded DTC shipping boxes for a unique customer experience. // You want to develop PR marketing kits with special packaging components. // You want to switch from conventional packaging materials to sustainable options.