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Contract Manufacturer Searches

Our multi-stage co-manufacturing (co-packer) search process is tailored to your needs and includes the compilation of a robust list of potential co-manufacturing candidates, outreach to those manufacturers, the creation of a customized Co-Manufacturer Database to track key information and learnings, a formula & packaging evaluation conducted in collaboration with your co-manufacturer finalist(s), as well as a final analysis and review of the top candidate(s) to help identify the best partner for your products and brand.

Our Multi-Stage Search Process:

Intake Call with Client

Generate Project Brief

Creation of Co-Manufacturer Database

Primary Outreach

Initial Assessment of Co-Manufacturers

Secondary Outreach

Formula & Process Evaluation

Packaging Evaluation

Identification of Co-Manufacturer Finalist(s)

Request & Review Price Quotes

Our Pre-Production Process:

Coordinate & Facilitate Bench Samples/Trials

Oversee Communication Between R&D, Brand & Manufacturer

Facilitate Set-Up & Production Advisory

Reasons you might need help:

// You have a recipe or idea but don't have someone to manufacture it. // You've been self-producing or using a commercial kitchen and have outgrown it. // You have a primary co-manufacturer but want a second one for redundancies. // You opened a new retail geography and want to manufacture closer to that location for efficiency. // Your current contract manufacturer is not meeting your quality standards. // Your current co-manufacturer has run out of capacity. // Your current contract manufacturer doesn't maintain the certifications you need. // Your current co-packer can't handle a new packaging format or new ingredient. // You want to explore other more price-competitive manufacturing options as you scale.