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Cost Modeling & Analysis

We work with brands to build cost (COGS) models to help determine product margins and assess retail price viability across different selling channels. We build models for both current products as well as pre-launch concepts, to help identify which may have the best path forward to profitability while determining if others may need adjustments to get there.

Modeling Options - For Current Products:

Create Full Product COGS & Cost Models

Perform Margin Analyses Across Various Selling Channels

Perform Pricing Analyses Across Various Selling Channels

Modeling Options - For Future Products:

Create Estimated COGS & Cost Models

Perform Estimated Margin Analyses Across Various Selling Channels

Perform Estimated Retail Pricing Scenarios Across Various Selling Channels

Reasons to build a COGS model:

// COGS is the foundation of every successful business and must be built-out to prove financial viability before you scale. // You want to review your current COGS against a future COGS model to help support business decisions as you scale. // You are developing a new product and need to determine if it is viable before launch. // You are looking to raise capital and want to ensure transparency for investors.