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We help launch the next generation of products in food, beverage & wellness CPG.

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Whether it's finding a contract manufacturing partner, sourcing packaging or ingredients, identifying a 3PL fulfillment partner, building cost models, leading project management, and everything in between, we're here to help bring your vision to life. We work with brands at every stage of their growth cycle, from bootstrapped startups to VC-backed concepts to Fortune 500 companies, and provide expertise and support related to all aspects of operationally launching a product.

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Our Services

Generation+ Product Launch Program™


Our Generation+ launch program handles all aspects of bringing your product vision to life - from concept to launch. Our program includes a pre-launch assessment to help identify and address risks at the outset, oversight of the product development process with third party R&D groups, identification of a co-manufacturing partner that can handle your production processes, sourcing ingredients and packaging that meet your specifications, building cost models to help you determine margins and viable retail pricing strategies, and managing your entire project with the leadership and senior experience your brand and products deserve.

Outsourced COO & Advisory

When brands need a thought partner and strategic advisor, we provide the senior CPG leadership and operational expertise to help across various stages of your brand's lifecycle. We offer tailored service models that range from weekly calls to more substantial ongoing engagements, and everything in between. Utilizing this type of outsourced service model helps brands access the senior level help they need during critical periods of growth.

Contract Manufacturing & Co-Packer Searches


Our customized multi-stage search process is tailored to your needs and includes Manufacturer Outreach alongside the creation of a Manufacturer Database, a Formula & Packaging Evaluation conducted in collaboration with your manufacturer of choice, as well as a Final Analysis & Review to help identify the best partner for you and your brand.

Ingredient Procurement


From conventional base ingredients to the latest on-trend innovations, whether you need Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, Upcycled, or other certifications and specifications, we have the networks in place to help source your raw materials and build a strong foundational supply chain.

Packaging Sourcing


We have supplier relationships in place to help source almost any packaging need that arises. Whether it's stock options, custom solutions, glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, bottles, jars, cans, boxes, on-shelf product packaging, DTC shipping boxes, conventional, sustainable or hybrid materials, we're here to help.

Know Your Margins™


We work with brands to build cost (COGS) models to help determine product margins and assess retail price viability across different selling channels. We build models for both current products as well as pre-launch concepts, to help identify which may have the best path forward to profitability while determining if others may need adjustments to get there.

3PL & Fulfillment Searches


Whether you need direct-to-consumer (DTC) support, B2B support, or a combination of the two across multiple fulfillment locations, we work with brands to find reliable solutions for all of your 3PL (third party logistics), warehousing, and fulfillment needs.

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