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Ingredient Procurement

From conventional base ingredients to the latest on-trend innovations, whether you need Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, upcycled, or other certifications and specifications, we have the networks in place to help source your raw materials and build a strong foundational supply chain.

Our Procurement Process:

Intake Call with Client

Generate Project Brief

Creation of Supplier Database

Supplier Outreach

Review Pricing & Terms

Sample Procurement

Assessment of Suppliers

Reasons you may conduct an ingredient search:

// Your current supplier is no longer able to consistently guarantee supply. // Your current supplier has increased prices that are not in line with your margin targets. // You want to create a stronger supply chain by identifying backup suppliers. // You are developing a new recipe or product line and need to identify new suppliers. // You want to switch from conventional to organic ingredient suppliers. // You'd like to obtain a certain certification (e.g. Kosher, Non-GMO) and need to identify ingredients that hold those certifications.